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In this website, join Localbitcoin💳 (large bitcoin wallet and trading marketplace ), then Faucethub (petty cash bitcoin wallet for sites and facuets that paying via Faucethub ), and (trusted large wallet ,this one the best for ATM buying and selling bitcoin)
Register these three accounts first !


Then register in the site :

Faucetgames ,gamefacuet, Car racing 🚘, Pokemon🐲, Satoshiwar☇ (they are Faucethub sites,all are RPG games, can withdraw funds to Faucethub , even 1 satoshis )

You can choose :

1. Withdraw to Freebitco💰 first ,then withdraw funds to Localbitcoin💳 or (this method help you earn daily interest, but a little risky!)

2. Faucethub funds accumulated sent to Localbitcoin💳 or directly !


Notice :in the three bitcoin wallet site, there is a receive bitcoin category that already have or may need you generate your wallet address there, uses send and receive bitcoin to and from your wallet !

Better more than 200000 satoshis or 0.002 btc to send ! (Except sites in gamefacuet funds under Faucethub sent to Localbitcoin💳 account, 1 satoshis can send). Otherwise, transaction fee will be high!

Forumcoin👬👫👭 and beermoneyforum ,when you register account ,you can earn money from posting ,but you need to obey their rules, read rules first (using for earn money and learn information about bitcoin and other freelance opportunities or scams around , very useful ) Money can be accumulated and withdraw to your PayPal account (USD) and then send to your bank account !


Faucethub has chat and chatting can earn you some bitcoin and altcoin as a lucky prize (there called raining ). You can use its exchange service to trade your altcoin to bitcoin !


When send and receive bitcoin ,beware of your wallet address and your target trader wallet address is correct or not ,need checking, address is consisted of a long series of numbers and alphabet,you cannot alter the transaction if you type wrong address !(Only one chance )


Be careful of your plan data usage, install antivirus to protect yourself !


Good luck !



安全網站 , 建議玩法:

1. 這些網站都可在網頁內找到;

Faucethub ,
Localbitcoin💳 , !

2. 跟著申請

Freebitco💰 , Faucetgames , gamefacuet, Car racing 🚘(間中有一個popup,尤其入面mellowads, 佢第一頁load完會彈一個新頁,你要close左第一頁,用第二頁玩 ), Pokemon🐲(間中有一個popup ) , Satoshiwar☇,Forumcoin👬👫👭 ,beermoneyforum, 自己找bitcointalk


3. Localbitcoin💳 (大錢包and trading ), 再Faucethub (小錢包for 收它旗下嘅game, facuet 收入), 再 (大錢包,可到旺角ATM 提款現金。呢個上網找)
三個都開account 先


註:在網站嘅receive bitcoin category 有個wallet address, 用來send and receive bitcoin to and from your wallet !



4. 跟著在我website, join Freebitco💰 ,


5. Faucetgames ,gamefacuet, Car racing 🚘, Pokemon🐲,Satoshiwar☇ (跟Faucethub 旗下,全部是RPG games, 可領款至 Faucethub )

Freebitco💰 :有年利息4% (領款至 Localbitcoin💳 or )

Faucethub 將小量零錢儲至30000 satoshis 左右就提款至 Localbitcoin💳 or

最好多過 200000 satoshis or 0.002 btc 先好提款至大錢包(提款至Faucethub 小錢包則無所謂,1 satoshi也可提!這是小錢包的強悍之處!) 否則手續費很高!

Forumcoin👬👫👭 和beermoneyforum 你register account 後,出post 有錢,但要遵守它們個rules, (用來賺錢,學習,宣傳,洞悉先機和騙局都很有效 ) 可領款到你的PayPal account !


Faucethub 有chatting section, 可賺各種虛擬貨幣 ! Chatting section 以幸運獎勵型式送錢給參與者,越活躍越多獎賞!(不要單字之類或用作宣傳,自己可睇規則)



6. send and receive bitcoin 時小心自己個address 和對方address 有冇錯,同address 係一串幾十個number and 字母既代碼,send 錯冇得反轉頭


7. 一定要gmail,裝antivirus, 小心你個plan 嘅data usage, (最好無限上網, 用無乜私人嘢嘅廢機)


Good luck !



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