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๐Ÿ›กBitcoin games

Excellent new game paid in PayPal or Bitcoin ๐Ÿ’ฐ

1. Freebitco:

Experience: paid 400000 satoshi
Reputation: A

Earning ability: 120 sat/claim +bonus

4 years bitcoin free earning site and high earning for each claim (have daily interest rate of your balance)!
Around double satoshi per hour compared to other Facuets!
Get free reward point each time ,use it to exchange gifts and bitcoin!
Free lottery ticket to earn prizes!

468x60-3.png (275-300 satoshi)

Payment proof: Yes


2. Freedoge:

Experience: Cashout 2500 doges
Reputation: A

Earning ability: 120 sat/claim

Sister site of freebitco!
Very high paying dogecoin Facuets!


Payment proof : Yes








$$$Bitcoin high paying game!

High paying!
RPG online games!
Upgrade your earning power!

Strategy :

Try upgrade most of the ingame features (no VIP upgrade needed), then you will get decent high earning here!





1. Cytopracer:

Experience: paid
Reputation: A

Drink btc games!

Strategy :

Drinking BTC ๐Ÿ’ต

Payment proof : Yes


5. Virtual hub:

Experience: paid 18000 satoshi
Reputation: A

A simulated hub bar with lot of upgrade !
Strategy game!
Instant payment!

Payment proof : Yes


6. Bitplay:

Experience: In progress

Reputation: B
Upgrade RPG!
strategy game!

upgrade your character to earn more!โ˜‡

7. Freebtcmine:

Experience: paid 200000 satoshi
Reputation: A

A clean Facuet!
High paying (50 satoshis per 15 mins for one solve media captcha !)
Instant payment!

Btcminegame, upgrade to earn more!๐Ÿ•

Payment proof : Yes


8. Game faucet:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: A

Lot of games to earn bitcoin!
Upgrade !
Slow earning but fun playing!
Instant payment!



9. Facuetgame:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: A

Without paying your own money to win prizes and play games! (No investment needed !)
Instant payment!

Strategy :

Earn free bitcoin from facuet first !
Use the earned free satoshisto play games and complete the daily bonus requirements to earn decent bonus !
Chat to earn!
Upgrade to earn more!

Special winning games๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ



12. Satoshi wars:

Experience: paid 20000 satoshi
Reputation: A

Do missions and earn bitcoin!
Upgrade your property house with earned bitcoin to maximum !
Earn passive income from your property house without doing anything !
Instant payment!




13. Pokebits:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: A

Pokemon RPG game!
Fighting Vs mode!
Do Mission mode to help upgrade fast!
Upgrade your poke shop! More daily bonus (claim without captcha )!
Finally make decent income by one click in pokeshop each day!
Chat and earn !
Facuethub payment instant!

Play Pokemon battle win money ๐Ÿฒ



15. Gold smugglers:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: D

Build up your virtual business(can earn real money,of course!)
Enjoy it as a online games!
Earn money as secondary benefit!

Goldsmugglers company game๐Ÿ’Ž



16. Claimbtc:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: D


Claimbtc: random bonus game๐Ÿ’Ž




Experience: In progress
Reputation: C

RPG game!

Fight Rpg gameโ˜‡



19. Huntbits

Experience: In progress
Reputation: C

10 different areas for earning and games!




20. Free bitcoin lottery tickets

Experience: paid 600 satoshi
Reputation: C

Claim as many lottery ticket as you can !
Higher winning chance in bitcoin prizes!

Big winning in free lottery๐ŸŽ



21. Crytopworld

Experience: paid 100 doges
Reputation: A

Very high dogecoin rewards site per 2 hrs!
clean !
100 $ maximum loyalty bonus!
Free 2 lottery ticket.!




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