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Update : 18/03/2018

Online fighter
📣Caution: No investment, No gambling, No spamming, No cheating! No quick money ! But you can still earn free money!

📣警告: 不要投資本$,不要賭博,不要濫發宣傳,不要欺騙他人! 沒有賺快錢這回事! 不過你可在家或空閒時間免費賺錢!




Legit Exchange places💶

Find Legit trading 1(Good for cryptocurrency )💎 and Legit Bitcoin trading 2 (Cashout 150 dollars within minutes to bank !💵) and Legit cryptocurrency coins trading (Good for cryptocurrency )💎

Legit New Paying Games💶

Perfect game for bitcoin 💎

Excellent new game paid in PayPal or Bitcoin (Join with starter bonus $0.1 and Many free upgrade !)💰

Bitcoin freelance 💰

Legit paying $$ sites 💶

Click All legit paying $ sites💷

Click Main Categories 🔎

Get paid to post comments forums📝

Click Here for Essential guidelines for newbies!
Click Here for Advanced strategy!

Legit Cryptocurrency coins💎
Click Here for Potcoin! (New🔍)
Click Here for Mining coins!(New🔍)
Click Here for Auto claim facuets !(New🔍)
Click Here for RPG bitcoin games!
Click Here for Bitcoin PTC or Video earning !
Click Here for Earning coins with instant exchange !
Click Here for Guideline for Altcoins!
Click Here for Earning Altcoins!
Click Here for Essential Bitcoin GPT sites!



Wallets can be got from freewallet apps or coinomi apps which both are legit !
(All coins wallets can be got here for temporary storage !)

New Potcoin facuets (Paying instantly )

First register Faucethub







Mining coins allowed ⛏:

Special mining 11 coins⛏

Free Mining 1 💰 and Mining 2
BTC mining
ETC mining
LTC mining
Doge mining
BLK mining
BTC mining (1 satoshis paying )



Auto claim facuets🎮

Fast level up for Faucethub


Auto BLK

Auto BCH

Auto Doge

Autoclaim PPC



Brand New RPG bitcoin,dogecoin, litecoin game:

Can do several missions and several virtual mining activities altogether !
Big earning !
Faucethub supported !

Multi cryptocurrency RPG Game💶 (Big earning! )

Earn bitcoin from heroes /Potions 🍹

New video games paying bitcoin

Bitcoin spinning game 🕦(Free upgrade!No timer! 100 statoshi instantly paying ! )



BTC Clicking ads

High paying ads!
Low minimum payout to Faucethub

High paying BTC ads


BTC earning videos

Has 0 timer facuet !
No minimum payout to Faucethub instantly !

BTC videos


High paying bitcoin /PayPal site💳

1. High paying Bitcoin Shares!

2. BTC + 9 Altcoins GPT



Clean cryptocurrency coins 🌒:
Increasing bonus each day, mystery bonus etc!
One solve media captcha !
Faucethub supported !
Direct wallet withdraw supported !


BTC 2 (good rewards )






Update : 25/01/2018

Why earning other cryptocurrency?🔎

Because some of the coins have great potential to rises fast like rocket! Perhaps you will get rich! I don’t encourage investment though !

📣step1: register Powerful microwallet and coins games💰 and BTC: very high paying, 50 satoshis per claim (15 mins )🔥
and BLK (extremely high, 0.01 BLK per claim )🔥

step2: set up your wallet address

(coinomi,myfreewallet apps or other wallets you want! Just download the apps, then add the coins wallet, straightforward and easy!)

step3: copy all the address to Faucethub !

step4: earning from 💰(all have been tested, low timer, fast claim 🐎):

Finally all coins change back to bitcoin in good price, and sell the bitcoin💎 to cash💰


BTC = Bitcoin 💎 Here
BTX = Bitcore 🕹
PPC= Peercoin 👑
BCH= Bitcoin cash 💶
Dash 🏍
Doge 🐶
LTC =Litecoin 🌬
ETH =Ethereum ♦
BLK =Blackcoin 🛢

Whip Coins 🌟
(Extreme High paying*3 of normal , 60 mins timer )

Attributes👑 :Clean, Quick,Extreme High earning








Future coins 🔥
(High payout*2, no timer)
Attributes 👑: No timer, High earning






Free fast coins
(very high paying*2, 5 mins timer☄)🏍🏍🏍
Attributes 👑: High paying, Rotational







Normal free coins💰
Bitcoin core (10 min )

Bitcoin core (0 min)

Bitcoin core (0 min)

Bitcoin core (0 min)

Bitcoin core # (high paying $, 1 min )

Bitcoin core 1

Bitcoin core 2 (very high payout )

Bitcoin core 3 (0 min)

Bitcoin core 4 (high pay)

🌧very clean sites🌦
Attributes 👑: Extremely Quick, Easy


Dash 2



Bitcoin cash 1🌧


Further bitcoin cash (tested)🌩

Bitcoin cash 2

Bitcoin cash 3

Bitcoin cash 4

Dogecoin 1🌧

Dogecoin 2🌧

Dogecoin 3

Dogecoin 4






Peercoin 🌧



Blackcoin 1🌧

Blackcoin 2🌧

Blackcoin 3🌧

Blackcoin 4🌧

Blackcoin 5

Click Bitcoin #💎

Bitcoin 2🌧

$USD+ Bitcoin 1💰

$USD+ Bitcoin 2💰


★Online fighter ★?

📌Many people may want to earn more money at home in their spare time! But don’t invest any money on it (Never!! )(No gambling !!)Just like playing games! Everyone may have a look of the caution below for more details:

📌Need to give correct information in order to receive payment! But Don’t giving your birthday, physical address and your id documents etc!

📌Better install antivirus and malware for online business earning !

📌Don’t invest your own money on High yield investment program,  gambling and ponzi scheme. (All are scams)

📌Don’t spam!

📌Don’t cheat !

📌Better you have an unlimited data plan or it is advisable to play in “fixed network at home “!

📌Otherwise,  it may cost you a high network data cost!!



📌不要投資過高回報HYIP項目,賭博Gambling及層壓式Ponzi等(騙局), 定義可Google 查詢!




Playing strategy and safety measures (Especially bitcoin ):

Safety sites ,Recommended:

You can find in this site ;

Three sites you must first need:

Faucethub ,  Localbitcoin💳 , (  can be found from goggle )

Then register

Freebitco💰 , Faucetgames, gamefacuet, Car racing 🚘(sometimes has one  popup), Pokemon🐲(sometimes one popup ) , Satoshiwar☇,Forumcoin👬👫👭 ,beermoneyforum, bitcointalk



For Bitcoin player(recommend steps:)

In this website, join Localbitcoin💳 (large bitcoin wallet and trading marketplace  ), then Faucethub (petty cash bitcoin wallet for sites and facuets  that paying via Faucethub ), and (trusted large wallet ,this one the best for ATM buying and selling bitcoin)
Register these three accounts first !


Then register in the site :

Faucetgames ,gamefacuet, Car racing 🚘, Pokemon🐲, Satoshiwar☇ (they are Faucethub sites,all are RPG games, can withdraw funds to Faucethub , even 1 satoshis )

You can choose :

1. Withdraw to Freebitco💰 first ,then withdraw funds to Localbitcoin💳 or (this method help you earn daily interest, but a little risky!)

2. Faucethub funds accumulated sent to Localbitcoin💳 or directly !


Notice :in the three bitcoin wallet site, there is a receive bitcoin category that already have or may need you generate your wallet address there, uses send and receive bitcoin to and from your wallet !

Better more than 200000 satoshis or 0.002 btc to send ! (Except sites in gamefacuet funds under Faucethub sent to Localbitcoin💳 account, 1 satoshis can send). Otherwise, transaction fee will be high!

Forumcoin👬👫👭 and beermoneyforum ,when you register account ,you can earn money from posting ,but you need to obey their rules, read rules first (using for earn money and learn information about bitcoin and other freelance opportunities or scams around , very useful ) Money can be accumulated and withdraw to your PayPal account (USD) and then send to your bank account !


Faucethub has chat and chatting can earn you some bitcoin and altcoin as a lucky prize (there called raining ). You can use its exchange service to trade your altcoin to bitcoin !


When send and receive bitcoin ,beware of your wallet address and your target trader wallet  address is correct or not ,need checking,  address is consisted of a long series of numbers and alphabet,you cannot alter the transaction if you type wrong address !(Only one chance )


Be careful of your plan data usage,  install antivirus to protect yourself !


Good luck !



安全網站 , 建議玩法:

1. 這些網站都可在網頁內找到;

Faucethub ,
Localbitcoin💳 , !

2. 跟著申請

Freebitco💰 , Faucetgames , gamefacuet, Car racing 🚘(間中有一個popup,尤其入面mellowads, 佢第一頁load完會彈一個新頁,你要close左第一頁,用第二頁玩 ), Pokemon🐲(間中有一個popup ) , Satoshiwar☇,Forumcoin👬👫👭 ,beermoneyforum, 自己找bitcointalk


3. Localbitcoin💳 (大錢包and trading ), 再Faucethub (小錢包for 收它旗下嘅game, facuet 收入), 再 (大錢包,可到旺角ATM 提款現金。呢個上網找)
三個都開account 先


註:在網站嘅receive bitcoin category 有個wallet address, 用來send and receive bitcoin to and from your wallet !



4. 跟著在我website, join Freebitco💰 ,


5. Faucetgames ,gamefacuet, Car racing 🚘, Pokemon🐲,Satoshiwar☇ (跟Faucethub 旗下,全部是RPG games, 可領款至 Faucethub )

Freebitco💰 :有年利息4% (領款至 Localbitcoin💳 or )

Faucethub 將小量零錢儲至30000 satoshis 左右就提款至 Localbitcoin💳 or

最好多過 200000 satoshis or 0.002 btc 先好提款至大錢包(提款至Faucethub 小錢包則無所謂,1 satoshi也可提!這是小錢包的強悍之處!) 否則手續費很高!

Forumcoin👬👫👭 和beermoneyforum 你register account 後,出post 有錢,但要遵守它們個rules, (用來賺錢,學習,宣傳,洞悉先機和騙局都很有效 ) 可領款到你的PayPal account  !


Faucethub 有chatting section, 可賺各種虛擬貨幣 ! Chatting section 以幸運獎勵型式送錢給參與者,越活躍越多獎賞!(不要單字之類或用作宣傳,自己可睇規則)



6. send and receive bitcoin 時小心自己個address 和對方address 有冇錯,同address 係一串幾十個number and 字母既代碼,send 錯冇得反轉頭


7. 一定要gmail,裝antivirus, 小心你個plan 嘅data usage, (最好無限上網, 用無乜私人嘢嘅廢機)


Good luck !



🔎🔎Sites below are trusted sites at the time of my posting, I will update them frequently !


💳Top Payment Processor and Currency exchange

Click Here for details !

📚Writing areas

Click Here for details !

🎨Trusted Freelancer

Click Here for details !

Earning money from forums

Click Here for details !

📸Image and Video marketplace

Click Here for details !

💻Build your own website now!

Click Here for details !

🛡Best Trusted Bitcoin Games

Click Here for details !

🎁10 in 1 earning sites

Click Here for details !

📰New Bitcoin Games

Click Here for details !

🎳Bitcoin Facuets

Click Here for details !

🎮Game sales marketplace

Click Here for details !

💵Refback! Your money back!

Click Here for details !

🖱Paid 2 Click +Traffic exchange +Bitcoin

Click Here for details !

📹Giving Tutorial

Click Here for details !

💰Revenue sharing Program

Click Here for details !





💰Bitcoin concept:

1. A cryptocurrency you can trade in online marketplace , like a virtual form of gold!

2. You can store bitcoin in online bitcoin wallet mentioned below!

3. You can view it as a stocks but with high market and price rising potential in long term.

4. You can earn bitcoin in many legit online activities !

5. No need to use your identity such as name,  a address etc!

6. 1 BTC =100000000 satoshis

(Caution : No quick money )


Update : 25/01/2018




Experience: My experience for the site

Reputation: From reviews, forums (A -F)

Just keep patience and earn extra income


📰New game sites

0. Bitfootball :


Reputation: A(paying)

level up!
Fight, upgrade your team, buy equipment and earn extra (Can be many times your basic earning )!
Earning ability: ~400sat to 10000 extra satoshis


0. Rain pool:

Experience: 100000 satoshis paid!
Reputation: A(paying)

Chat and level up!
Claim from facuets and earn extra (Can be many times your basic earning )!
Earning ability: ~400sat to 10000 extra satoshis /5 claims

Payment proof: Yes 







💻Build your own website

1. Siteground:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Earning ability: ?

Build your site with low price but have high protection!
Discount for three years!

Web Hosting



2. iPage

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Earning ability: ?

Build your site with low price as $1.99 !

Host your website with iPage!💻


3. Hosterbox:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Earning ability: ?

Payment accepted include bitcoin and PayPal!

Build your site with low price but have high protection!

Bitcoin accepted hosting package💻






💳Trusted payment system`and currency exchanger( You can view them all as payment processor)


0. Localbitcoin:

Experience: 3000000 satoshi successfully transferred
Reputation: A

Earning ability: ?

Localbitcoin💳 is a trusted bitcoin wallet and marketplace.

Localbitcoin- Trusted bitcoin wallet💳


1. Bestchange:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Earning ability: ?

Best in finding suitable sites for each type of Currency Exchange


2. Facuethub:

Experience: been paid 500000 satoshi

Reputation: A


Best bitcoin microwallet

bitcoin , dogecoin ,litecoin can be stored to transfer to your wallet easily!
Support many bitcoin games and Facuets!


Payment proof: Yes



3. Perfect money:

Experience: $10 transaction

Reputation: B

Earning ability: 4% /year + ?

Payment processor with annual interest 4% paid monthly!
Have bitcoin wallet!

Perfect money💷

Payment proof : Yes




4. Payza:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Earning ability: ?

Long existing Payment processor!



5. Payeer:

Experience: $0.02 transaction
Reputation: C

Earning ability: ?

Payment processor
Have currency exchange!




6. Changer :

Experience: Exchange 5000 Doges to perfectmoney successfully
Reputation: B

Earning ability: ?

By my testing,it is Trusted currency exchange ! Almost exchange successfully with very low fee!

Trusted currency exchange💳

Payment proof : Yes




7. 24pay:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Earning ability: ?

Automatic currency exchange!

24pay- currency exchange💳



8. Unichange:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: A

Earning ability: ?

Automatic currency exchange!
Top Trusted currency exchanger!




9. Payoneer

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Earning ability: ?

Payoneer provide bank transfer service and easy to apply.
Many companies partnership ! Established many years!

Payment processor: bank transfer Available💷



10. Bit-changer

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Earning ability: ?

A currency exchanger with many positive reviews and feedbacks!








1. Cryptoglind

Experience: In progress
Reputation: C

Earning ability: $4~$1000/task

A free marketplace with low fees for workers and employers.
Wide variety of jobs and services!





2. Seo-clerk

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Earning ability: $8~$1000/task



Bitcoin freelance 💰


3. Onlinemicrojob

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Earning ability: $0.1~$2/task

An online microjob marketplace ranging from mini easy task to difficult large tasks!

Microjob marketplace💼






🛡Bitcoin games

1. Freebitco:

Experience: paid 400000 satoshi
Reputation: A

Earning ability: 120 sat/claim +bonus

4 years bitcoin free earning site and high earning for each claim (have daily interest rate of your balance)!
Around double satoshi per hour compared to other Facuets!
Get free reward point each time ,use it to exchange gifts and bitcoin!
Free lottery ticket to earn prizes!

468x60-3.png (275-300 satoshi)

Payment proof: Yes


2. Freedoge:

Experience: Cashout 2500 doges
Reputation: A

Earning ability: 120 sat/claim

Sister site of freebitco!
Very high paying dogecoin Facuets!


Payment proof : Yes 








$$$Bitcoin high paying game!

High paying!
RPG online games!
Upgrade your earning power!

Strategy :

Try upgrade most of the ingame features (no VIP upgrade needed), then you will get decent high earning here!





1. Cytopracer:

Experience: paid 200000 satoshi
Reputation: A

Car racing game!
Many jobs !
Instant payment!

Strategy :

Do the highest paying job in job section !
Upgrade the car using around 30000 credit is enough !
Keep doing highest paying job and challenge other players !
You can ask others to challenge you (save time) in chat session !

Car racing game,high earning around 500 satoshi per hr,very stable,payout with Facuethub!🚘

Payment proof : Yes


5. Virtual hub:

Experience: paid 18000 satoshi
Reputation: A

A simulated hub bar with lot of upgrade !
Strategy game!
Instant payment!

Payment proof : Yes


6. Bitplay:

Experience: In progress

Reputation: B
Upgrade RPG!
strategy game!

upgrade your character to earn more!☇

7. Freebtcmine:

Experience: paid 200000 satoshi
Reputation: A

A clean Facuet!
High paying (50 satoshis per 15 mins for one solve media captcha !)
Instant payment!

Btcminegame, upgrade to earn more!🏕

Payment proof : Yes


8. Game faucet:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: A

Lot of games to earn bitcoin!
Upgrade !
Slow earning but fun playing!
Instant payment!



9. Facuetgame:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: A

Without paying your own money to win prizes and play games! (No investment needed !)
Instant payment!

Strategy :

Earn free bitcoin from facuet first !
Use the earned free satoshisto play games and complete the daily bonus requirements to earn decent bonus !
Chat to earn!
Upgrade to earn more!

Special winning games🃏🃏



12. Satoshi wars:

Experience: paid 20000 satoshi
Reputation: A

Do missions and earn bitcoin!
Upgrade your property house with earned bitcoin to maximum !
Earn passive income from your property house without doing anything !
Instant payment!




13. Pokebits:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: A

Pokemon RPG game!
Fighting Vs mode!
Do Mission mode to help upgrade fast!
Upgrade your poke shop! More daily bonus (claim without captcha )!
Finally make decent income by one click in pokeshop each day!
Chat and earn !
Facuethub payment instant!

Play Pokemon battle win money 🐲



15. Gold smugglers:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: D

Build up your virtual business(can earn real money,of course!)
Enjoy it as a online games!
Earn money as secondary benefit!

Goldsmugglers company game💎



16. Claimbtc:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: D


Claimbtc: random bonus game💎





Experience: In progress
Reputation: C

RPG game!

Fight Rpg game☇



19. Huntbits

Experience: In progress
Reputation: C

10 different areas for earning and games!




20. Free bitcoin lottery tickets

Experience: paid 600 satoshi
Reputation: C

Claim as many lottery ticket as you can !
Higher winning chance in bitcoin prizes!

Big winning in free lottery🎁



21. Crytopworld

Experience: paid 100 doges
Reputation: A

Very high dogecoin rewards site per 2 hrs!
clean !
100 $ maximum loyalty bonus!
Free 2 lottery ticket.!









🖱Bitcoin :paid you to click ads!

2. World of bitcoin, Clix4btc:

Experience: 12666 satoshi paid
Reputation: B

Bitcoin ptc sites!
Many ways to earn!
Clix4btc has paid to promote program!



Payment proof : Yes





🖱High Trusted Paid to click 

1. Scarlet clicks:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: A




2. Gptplanet:

Experience: In progress
Reputation: A











(View other users advertisement,then get free advertising credit (some gives you money)!
Complete tasks to earn credits or money!
Using credits back to set task for others, whatever you like!
Many competition each week!


0. Traffic2bitcoin

Experience: 700 satoshis paid!
Reputation: B

Get free bitcoin while someone view your link!


Payment proof : Yes




1. Bitcoin traffic exchange

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Get free advertising credit while earn bitcoin at the same time!






Experience: In progress and accepted by most ptp programs !
Reputation: A

Most top traffic exchange site while earning $$






🎁More than 10 Earning areas in one site (Interesting! Trusted paying in many payment processor!)

Five sites in total!
1. Donkeymail
2. No minimum
3. Myfreeshare
4. Youromail
5. Getpaidmail

Payment proof : Yes


Experience: $1.35 paid
Reputation: A

An integration of ptc, manual traffic exchange, paid to promote , revenue share ,sign up offers and play game site!
No investment except you want fast upgrade!
Many payment option !
5 levels affiliate system!

In Donkeymail , no investment needed!
Traffic exchange earn you credits and money!
Promote their specific links= money! These five sites are allowed to promote with each others to earn! ( Double earning from traffic exchange and paid to promote)!(You may double check what are the permitted sites in paid to promote program before participating)!
Or Just click paid to click ads each day , watching mails!
Try to win in the their contest !(Up to $300 winner prizes, have 20th winner still get small prize!)



Payment proof : Yes

(Payment received from edelweis!

All 5 sites are the same group!)

Update : 31/01/2018
In myfreeshare, you don’t need to buy shares.
Just click the shares to click ads can earn you share!
For each day , you can get a % of income from your shares passively! Try to win in the contest up to $300!


In Youromail and Getpaidmail, both sites have well paid traffic exchange!









💵REFBACK( Earn from your click and REFBACK!Win Win!)

Experience: in progress

Reputation: B

1. Refbackbank

These sites offer refback services. That means:
When you sign up and becomes referrals of their recommended sites, these sites will give back a % of commission they earn from you!













📌Caution :

May have virus  and malware !

Please install antivirus before play!



You can earn bitcoins from below sites without signup!
Just put your bitcoin address is enough!
You may have to get a bitcoin wallet first (myself is localbitcoin wallet)!
Facuethub and epay are microwallets temporary stored your little bitcoin and finally transfer back to your main wallet!

Many are also instantly paid per each claim!
Not fear being scam!
But a bit slow earning!
(facuethub, epay,direct)
Solve one to two captcha to gain free bitcoin!

Experience: Mostly have been paid many times!
Reputation: Cannot grade

Payment proof : Yes

100% refferal earning💎

Earn bitcoin with interest rate💰

100 to 25000 satoshis per claim!💎

200 satoshis per captcha💎

90- 150 satoshis per one captcha!💎

At least 150 satoshis per one captcha!💎

100 satoshis/ 3 min Excellent!💎💎


1000-5000 satoshi!!💎

Btc 100 satoshi💎

100 satoshi, fast, clean⭐ Very good earning!

300 satoshis💎

300 satoshis💎

Afreebit💎 clean site!!


100 satoshis, clean💎




Get some bitcoins💎


Free satoshi💎

Free satoshi💎

Free satoshi💎

Satoshi free💎

Trusted group for long existance:

Timeforbitco🕜 (varies with time)

Worldofbitco🌏 (100-200 satoshi)

Sunbtc🌞 (varies with time)

Weatherbtc⛅ (50-60 satoshi)

Chronox🌟 (varies with time)

Payment proof : Yes




Coindice🎲 very good payout




Trusted one:

Getyourbitco💰 (100-200 satoshi)


Xbit💰 (70 or 100 satoshi)

Goldfacuet💰 (59 satoshi or above)

Crownfacuet👑 (59 satoshi or above)

Ninjafacuet💣 (59 satoshi or above)

Bitcoin-free💎 (50 to 250 satoshi)

Bitcoindaily💎 (45 to 100 satoshi)

Ronnysalt💎 (100 satoshi or above)

Satoshiworld💎 (100 satoshi above,popup)


Bitcoinearning💎 (100 satoshi above, popup)

Satoshi machine💎 (100 satoshi above, popup)


Mega facuet💎


Claim Doge coin for free🐶










📚Writing freelance tasks



1. Iwriter

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

A writing article marketplace!
Payment threshold is $20 in PayPal!





2. Hubpages

Experience: In progress
Reputation: A

Write as many articles as you can and submit to hubpages.
You will get paid by impression views !
Even earning from your past works!
Passive income!
(Google Adsense hosting account required! Just submit to Adsense, easy approved compared to your own blog approval!)





3. Virily

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Write whatever you want!
Post as many as you can!
Only need five sentences and an image upload for each article!
Passive income!
$10 payment threshold to PayPal!

Virily- writing pay per view✏



4. Infobarrel

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Infobarrel offers CPM (commission per view) of your approved articles!
Passive income!
Paid by PayPal!

Earn passive income📝












💰Revenue sharing program (CPA,CPS program)


1. Viglink

Experience: In progress
Reputation: A

sales revenue sharing program !
Paste a single specified JavaScript link on your blog, then viglink automatically integrated !
many affiliate links to one place!
No need to sign up many affiliate program separately!
Get a % commission from successful sales!





2. Awebers

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Earn commission from sale!

Long life site!










$$ Sharing links  earn money(CPC)

1. Adfly

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Trusted paying long lasting site!
Sharing links and get paid if your link is clicked!
PayPal, bank transfer!











Forums that paying money when you post

1. Forum coin

Experience: $5 paid
Reputation: A


A forum that gives you coins when posting!(1 coin =$0.01)
Talking, learning while earning!
You can redeem coins for cash, gift cards, add signature for free advertising, get a free domain name and trading with other users ..!

Great forum forever !

Excellent forum that pay you money👬👫👭

Payment proof : Yes






2. Postloop

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

Earn Money Posting in Forums




3. Beer money forum

Experience: $5 paid instantly 
Reputation: A

A forum that gives you beermoney coins.!
Each posts give you coins immediately !

Not strict !
20 posts per day  !
Free forum signatures !
You can redeem coins for PayPal cash or advertising, get a free domain name and trading with other users ..!

Beermoneyforum 👬👫👭

Payment proof : Yes







📸Images and video marketplace

1. Dreamstime

Experience: In progress
Reputation: A

A great marketplace for buying and selling images here !
You can be a seller or designer to earn money!







📹Giving courses and tutorial (Earn by impression)

1. Skillshare

Experience: In progress
Reputation: B

If you are a degree holder,
you can be a tutor online and upload your tutorial videos to the site and earn income at home!
You can earn money when students in the site view your videos!

Earning passive income from teaching📽







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