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★Online fighter ★?

📌Many people may want to earn more money at home in their spare time! But don’t invest any money on it (Never!! )(No gambling !!)Just like playing games! Everyone may have a look of the caution below for more details:

📌Need to give correct information in order to receive payment! But Don’t giving your birthday, physical address and your id documents etc!

📌Better install antivirus and malware for online business earning !

📌Don’t invest your own money on High yield investment program, gambling and ponzi scheme. (All are scams)

📌Don’t spam!

📌Don’t cheat !

📌Better you have an unlimited data plan or it is advisable to play in “fixed network at home “!

📌Otherwise, it may cost you a high network data cost!!



📌不要投資過高回報HYIP項目,賭博Gambling及層壓式Ponzi等(騙局), 定義可Google 查詢!




Playing strategy and safety measures (Especially bitcoin ):

Safety sites ,Recommended:

You can find in this site ;

Three sites you must first need:

Faucethub , Localbitcoin💳 , ( can be found from goggle )

Then register

Freebitco💰 , Faucetgames, gamefacuet, Car racing 🚘(sometimes has one popup), Pokemon🐲(sometimes one popup ) , Satoshiwar☇,Forumcoin👬👫👭 ,beermoneyforum, bitcointalk



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